Thursday, December 20, 2012

Forget You and Dancing in the Dark

I picked up a few DL polishes at Nordstrom during a sale a while back and wanted to show you the pretty sparkles!
Forget You has multi-colored hex glitter is a black jelly base.  This is two coats over one base coat of black.

Dancing in the Dark is packed with glitter.  I layered two coats over black again, but it might look better around the edges if it was worn alone or over silver.  Here is with flash

Running in Circles (Presents 2 Ways)

Base color in Running in Circles by China Glaze's Worlds Away Collection
Bows done with red/silver glitter stripers, acrylic white paint, and a Bundle Monster stamp with white Kond stamping polish

Surreal Appeal: Chevrons


Chevrons done with Zoya's Purity and Raven.  These were done on clear tape and then cut out with fun scissors

Base color in Surreal Appeal from China Glaze's Worlds Away Collection

If you're wondering how it looks when you take it off, the tape doesn't want to leave and you're left with awesome chevrons.